Completing form W-9

Why it is necessary? The document must be completed by all U.S. tax residents. It must be completed correctly and without corrections. If you make a mistake, please print and fill out a new form. Of course, it must be completed in English. On this website you will find the electronic W9 form 2018.

How the site can help you

And the site itself helps to fill out, upload and send contractors an electronic version of the completed W9 with a certified sign digitally.
Here you will safely download the sample and template of a document. Thus, upon receipt of the relevant requesting from the contractor, it is necessary to fill in the document and send it to the contractors. Usually, a mail letter is enough for this, but you can also send it security by e-mail using a digital signature. Therefore, the ways in which you can request an IRS form W-9 your partner are as follows:

  • E-mail;
  • ordinary mail letter;
  • ┬ápersonal written request.

How to fulfill it

If you provide correct information on W9, this will create additional assurance that the IRS will receive accurate information about your payments and other relationships with your counterparties. If you are not sure of the correctness of completing the form, you can see an sample of filling on our site, as well as download the appropriate template and sample. As we can see, filling out the W-9 should not be difficult for you now.