Filling out the W-9 form: essential instructions, tips, and hints

W9 is one of the most widely used IRS forms. All US independent contractors and many small business owners have to submit it once a year. That’s why it was made very easy to fill out.

You will need some basic information and the blank itself. Before you start completing this blank, you have to download irs form w 9 fillable to your PC – it is available online and free of charge. You can get printable copy or editable pdf. After that, you have to print the blank or edit the file you downloaded.

Now you have the paper, so here is detailed instruction on how to fill it out.
The document is separated into 2 main blocks; each block has to be filled with some certain data.

  • Block 1 – personal details. Your name, address, etc. There is also the checkbox for your business type classification.
  • Block 2 – your tax ID numbers issued by the government. TIN, SSN or EIN – you can use one of these numbers, no need to provide all.

All the personal details and ID numbers you provide will be used for tax reporting, so don’t be afraid to share such a sensitive information.

At the end check all the data to find mistypes, errors, etc. Make sure that your information is correct, as you won’t be able to make changes to the document after you submit it. And don’t forget to save a copy for you.

That’s all, now you can send the filled document to the organization you work together with. They will use it to inform the IRS about the amount of money they paid you. Please note that there is a deadline for blank submitting – the form for 2018 fiscal year has to be sent before January 31, 2019. Follow the deadline to avoid penalties.