The use of W-9 form for employees

The blank is used for tax completing purposes. This printable form helps getting information from a worker who can be hired for performance of some work or self-employee the employer is planning to use to do some job.

This one is a tax blank from the US IRS, or IRS. While most of other forms help to inform and pay taxes, but printable w 9 form 2018 is little bit different. The paper is never send to IRS. W-9 is used in businesses for tax purposes to show the businesses is legal in United States.

Those who need fill out the document can quickly download it in the internet or get the copy of it at the working place asking the employer to print it. Completing the document is quick, simple, and free. However, before start checking the sample it is reasonable to appraisal how they are used in business.

How is blank W-9 used?

When some corporation hires new employees, it is needed to inform about worker’s earnings to the central government each year. Those earnings are informed with W-2 to both the government and worker. The employee uses the W-2 to complete the returning of tax and the government compares the worker information to that return to get sure the employed one is not underreporting or cheating about the income.

To get the opportunity to write W-2, it is firstly required to complete W-4 and I-9. The worker uses W-4 to report about taxes and withholding and I-9 to confirm the employee works in the United States legally. Document W-9 covers all those requirements of Comcast business. It reports to another business the applicant is legal to work in the United States or Canada and that this person has working tax ID or social security number to use for duties reporting. Some enterprises do not restrain taxes for other ones, so the information is in W-9 paper will be used to fill out 1099.