W-9 form for freelancers, short-term workers, and independent contractors

W-9 is an official document, used by US governmental authorities in revenue regulations purposes.

Who has to submit the W-9 form

American citizens, who work as freelancers, use this document to provide their employers with essential taxpayer information. So if you are a self-employed specialist, i.e. an independent contractor, your employer will ask you to complete this form to report about your earnings to the IRS. If you work with two or more employers, each of them will send you separate blanks to fill out.
In case if your employer has not sent you the document, you can find w 9 form 2018 online.

How to complete W-9 blank

The blank is quite small and easy to complete, there are two sections of the document you have to fill out with your data. To complete first section (big block right under the block heading) you have to provide your personal information and check certain box in accordance with your business type – this data is required for federal classification.

In Part one section there are special fields for the ID numbers issued to you by the US government. You have to write in one of these numbers – TIN, EIN or SSN. No need to submit all three numbers together – one is enough. Please, mind the instructions to certain document line while filling ID numbers section, it contains all required information for the taxpayer, who does not know how to fill Part I and where to put his/her taxpayer’s ID. There are detailed explanations regarding every kind of entities, proprietors, etc.

In accordance with the revenue law, as an independent contractor you have to submit this paper once per year.